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Basic Functions In Online Slots Games

Unearth the different symbols and their functionality in slot machines to give you extra winnings from the game.

Do you like playing online slots and often utilize special symbols to win the game? If yes, try some more interesting facts about the special symbols that help win the game after appearing on active pay lines. This article talks about the excellent functionalities of the wild symbols, some of which even substitute other symbols to increase the payout rates of the game. Thus, you can get many variants in wild symbols as well.

Moreover, you can also play fish shooting games by utilizing different techniques and game features affixed to them to make a good win. So take a look and find out the functions of these, how it benefits the gamblers-

Sticky Wild

This type of symbol is prevalent and gives a good winning payout to gamblers. You can find them in video slots mainly, and sometimes a few progressive slots keep them to upgrade their standards. The functions of sticky wild symbols are not so different from regular wild symbols. The purpose of these symbols is the same, but it differentiates in one way- as the name suggests, sticky wild remains stuck to the playing grid even after you spin the reels several times. 

Though the functionalities of sticky wild symbols vary from one slot to the other, most often, they are connected to another bonus feature. For example, gamblers can access the sticky wilds for the free spins feature, while this doesn’t happen in others. You can access them only at the end of the cascading reels feature.

Multiplying Symbols

Wild symbols sometimes bring multiplying wilds in the bonus features. It helps to double up the winning amount by multiplying the payouts of the wild symbols you have gained while placing them on the active pay line. You may even get extra wild symbols in one game, bringing more multiplying symbols in the bonus features. Participating the multiplying symbols with the regular wild symbols gives you a chance to get higher payout rates in that slot game.

Replicating Wilds

Duplicating wilds possess the ability to turn over the regular wild symbols into wild icons in the vital positions of the gameplay. It helps reach the maximum payouts that each wild icon wilds in them. Yggdrasil has launched a new game where gamblers can transfer these wild symbols into wild icons, or you can transform the Raven icon into wild symbols that potentially multiply the winnings.

Shifting Wilds

It is one of the variations of the sifting wilds, where gamblers can use them after spinning the reels several times without changing the positions. Instead, it follows the rule when taking their position that they will take the horizontal reels and contribute to the winnings until they occur in the reels. Playtech’s Dawn of Justice acquires the same type of wild symbols to help the gamblers accumulate more money from the game.

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