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Thai Casino Game

Pok Deng or Pok Paet Pok Kao is popular among card game lovers in Thailand. So, how do you win this game? Find all the rules here.

In Thailand, Pok Deng is extremely popular. Its popularity has resulted in virtual versions of this game on sites like 11bola. On these sites, players from all over can play Pok Deng, known as Pok Kao or Pok Peat Pok Kao. This simple game uses a classic French card deck.

Set up of the Game       

In general, the game supports two to seventeen players, one among them playing as the dealer. But, in most cases, casinos use three to none players, including the dealer, for a better gaming experience. In Pok Deng, players can take rounds to play as dealers or play the game as the dealer from start to the end.

The dealer shuffles the French deck and can use either clockwise or counterclockwise motion for derailing—the dealer hands out two cards in a facedown position to each player. The remaining card is kept aside as a Draw Pile.

 Game Rules

The game is pretty simple to play. Here the player plays against the dealer. The main aim of a player is to win against the dealer with the single highest-digit card. In most cases, nine is chosen as the winning card.

The Value of the Cards

In Pok Deng, cards usually have different values.

The numerical value of a card is called “taem.” On the other hand, the bet multiplicator is called “deng.”

Here only the cards from two to nine have face values. The other cards have different values as well. Ace is considered one. On the contrary, cards 10, Jack, Queen, and King have zero to ten face values.

The players can use only one card or the combined numeric value or two cards for a single round.

Hence, players can have the following four types of cards-

  • Pok: refers to a hand comprising cards with numeric values of eight or nine.
  • Tong: refers to a situation where the plate has three cards with the same number or letter.
  • Sam Krabeung/Sam Leung: the players have three different cards with different face values.
  • Normal: other combinations
  • Song Deng: The player has two different cards from the same suit. It can be a pair of numbers or a pair of letters, or a combination of both.
  • Sam Deng: The hand with three different cards of the same suit

How to win the game

Players need to submit their hands after each round. If their “Team” is equal to eight of nine, they are given “Pok.” If the card value is more than the dealer’s hand, the player wins.

If a player has a hand of Song Deng and wins the game, they may get twice the prize money of their bet amount.


Pok Deng is a simple yet rewarding game where players can earn real money through online card games. In this game, players need to win by making a combination of eight or nine and defeat the dealer. Due to its simplicity, often, the game is preferred by players who have started to play online card games. Nevertheless, the game is rewarding and exciting for any player.

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