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Thai Lottery Tips

Highlighting tips like rejecting illegal draws, limiting gaming expenditure, and a method of choosing lucky numbers, the page helps you play the Thai lottery more proficiently.

Gamblers from Thailand love wagering on lottery gambling for a plethora of reasons. First off, the lottery, being one of the most straightforward gambling variants available, is void of complicated rules where you only keep your stake at the number combination of your choice.  Secondly, as Thailand’s Government Lottery Office regulates every draw that happens twice a month, the authenticity keeps players from anxieties of getting shammed. In addition, the 8 tier prize system with 2,000,000 x 2 (TGL), 3,000,000 x 2 (TCL) jackpot prize is way too shimmering to be ignored.

Yet, being a gambling game, the lottery doesn’t guarantee winnings to anyone. But it doesn’t mean suppressing your wants of enjoying the game, diminishing your dreams of winning biggies! So, instead, save all the aspects we would enlighten today in mind and accumulate information about the Thai lottery as much as you can.

  • Stay Away From Unauthentic Games

Vendors selling government-authorized lottery tickets roam on streets, villages, and markets. Officially, a single ticket would cost you around 40 baht. But, as typically these tickets are sold in pairs, you might have to buy two of them together with 80 baht.

However, because of the popularity of lottery games in Thailand, unauthorized lotteries offering tickets at a more economical price with greater odds and winning amounts have been seen operating. Remember, wagering in such draws will be held illegal in the country. Besides, as most of these sites encompass shamming intensions, the entire amount you have provided can be mislaid. Hence, it’s better to stick with the regulated one only.

  • Keep Your Gaming Expenditure within A Limit

Maybe you like wagering on lottery draws more than anything else. But, putting real money wagers on every two draws of the month might not be something you should do. Above everything, keep in mind that the lottery is gambling, and your winning chances dwell with the odds offered. Hence, decide a budget, considering how much money you can afford to wager in this game. Make a budget for every three months, six months, or an entire year (if you are a regular player). And stop playing, if in case that budget runs out. It’s better to keep your winnings as your profit.

  • Choose Your Numbers Carefully

Thai lottery is known for its lack of intricate rules. You only need to choose numbers for a 6 number draw, and if you can match your chosen numbers with the drawn number combination, you will be eligible to receive winnings. While many Thai players get driven by the keenness of going with unique numbers or interpreting dreams, we suggest you lay a mathematical approach.

First off, know about the last two lottery draw outcomes and take the last two digits from any of them. Assume it was 98. If you divide the numbers with each other, the result would be 1.125. Hence, the next draw would tend to have 25.

Wrapping Up

All of these three tips keep your profitability the highest priority. Hence, if you start your lottery playing with a well-informed approach, you will indeed find your place above the lottery-loving Thailand crowd following these three steps.

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