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Playing Slot Games

Are you confused about slot paylines? Then find all the details related to the pay line in online slot games here.

Online slot games often award you rewards based on pay lines. As a player, if you have decent knowledge about the pay lines and their edge while playing slots online, you stand a better chance to win your game.

What is a Slot Payline?

Paylines in slot games are the reels that come with winning combinations. In slot games, you can find both zig-zag and horizontal paylines. The reward often depends on the payline combination.

If you can draw the winning combination in a G2GBET slot game, you will be rewarded according to the winning combination.

Fixed Paylines

In conventional slot games, usually horizontal reels or paylines are present. You have to match the pattern of images to earn the reward. Most of the 3×3 reels usually come with only one winning line. Hence, the jackpot is awarded to those who hit the ideal combination. Such games evenly distribute all your bet amount throughout the paylines. You usually need to place the bet before spinning the virtual reels. For example, if you place $15 on the slot game with 15 fixed paylines, you place 10 cents on each possible winning line.

Many paylines also offer a part of the reward if a player can match two combinations together. Such pays are usually calculated based on the images you can match.

An interesting fact about the fixed payline slots is their payouts. Such games usually offer better payouts with a lower house edge. Hence, you have a better chance of winning something consistently without losing all your money. Hence, if you have recently started with slots, fixed payline slots or conventional classic slots are your ideal choice.

Variable Paylines

You can get zig-zag or multiple winning lines in modern slot games. Most of the slots are flexible, and you can bet on a single winning line or all of the possible winning lines while playing slots. But, hitting the jackpot in such games is difficult due to variable reels.

Choose these games if you do not want to place any bets or need flexibility while betting. Since you can choose a single pay line, you can also bet with a small amount. But, not all slots with variable paylines award money if you match two images. You have to match all the three images of rules or paylines to hit a winning combination to win.


Please note that many players are often confused between reels and paylines. Reels are horizontal paylines, and you have to match the images horizontally. But many slots come with a zig-zag or vertical winning line as well. A clear idea about the winning line and possible jackpot lines will increase your winning chances while getting better leverage against the house edge.

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