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High Stake Players Enjoy

High stake players are offered an array of perks such as high deposit limits, luxury accommodation, and personalized service.

Casino rewards programs reward customer loyalty, and the goal is to increase loyalty and repeat purchases. High rollers are a major target group that benefits from perks such as exclusive cruises, luxury suites, private jets, and fine dining experiences. They are treated as premium players and offered access to concierge services, personal VIP managers, and a wide range of promotions and bonuses that light and social gamblers rarely get to know about.

Advantages of Becoming a High Stake Player

High rollers usually have higher deposit limits and are allowed to withdraw their winnings faster than regular players. Some casinos even offer a personal withdrawal plan. As premium customers, they also have a personal VIP manager who is available 24/7 and can be reached by phone, chat, and email. VIP managers are responsible for handling complaints and questions even out of office hours. This means rapid response times.

Added Incentives

High stake players also benefit from weekly rewards and gifts, including birthday gifts and personalized rewards. The range of perks they are offered includes special prizes, priority banking, invitation only tournaments, monthly VIP prize draws, and more. Bonuses are usually tailored to players’ preferences and requirements. Cashback deals are also available, and the best part is that there are no wagering requirements. At some online casinos, high rollers can choose from over 1,000 games, whether they love to play roulette, video poker, bandarq, blackjack, or keno. Not only this but premium players are offered the chance to try new games even before they get debuted or released. While regular players need to be in a queue, this is not the case with VIP customers.

Exclusive Events

VIP players also enjoy free tickets to major sporting events and invitations to parties where they have the chance to meet celebrities. Exclusive events that VIP players have access to include concerts by top performers, major pool parties, and events at famous mansions. High rollers are also offered backstage passes and access to red-carpet events.

Luxurious Travel and Accommodation

Based on how much they are willing to wager on different games, premium players are also offered private jets, luxurious private buses, and limousines. There are virtually no limits to where they can travel or go, which is something other players can be envious of.

Bonus Perks

Casinos also offer bonus perks such as complimentary food and liquor, merchandise, and designated free parking. Customers enjoy preferential treatment at casino resorts and places like SPAs and restaurants. Some resorts offer cash cards so that players cover some of their expenses.

How to Become a Premium Player

Whales usually play big for which they need to make a large deposit. This allows them to collect loyalty points that they can spend on a wide array of perks. The more points they earn, the better rewards they have access to.

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